Sneek A Peek is Perth's only mobile non-diagnostic 3D+4D Ultrasound service that promises you a beautiful bonding experience with your unborn baby in the comfort of your own home. 

What makes Sneek A Peek 3D+4D Ultrasounds unique is that we are a non-diagnostic service, so no doctors referrals are required and the ultrasound scan can be conducted in the comfort of your own home, facilitating a pleasurable, personal and bonding environment that clinical settings may lack.

When you are comfortable and relaxed on your own couch, chances are your baby will be more relaxed too, which can result in better pictures. Being in your home also lets you decide who you would like to share this special experience with. You can even invite us to your baby shower! 

Ultrasound scans are performed preferably between 25 - 32 weeks, when your little baby is beginning to plump up, but is still small enough to have a good peek. If you would like to book a scan outside these weeks for other reasons, you are more than welcome too*


*Please make sure you have done your 18-20 week morphology scan before booking a scan with us.
*Please make sure you have consulted with your preferred medical professional & discussed your wish to take part in an elective ultrasound. 
*Please inform us of any advice given by your medical team upon making your booking.